Project Collaboration Suite

Web Application design.  Multi-user capability.  eMail, Calendars & Tasks.  3D in the Browser.

The development of a prototype project collaboration application in Jquery, Javascript, AJAX, Three.js, and HTML primarily for the Building and Architecture market including 3D BIM drawing viewing directly within the browser. The application itself is designed to highlight what functionality would be provided in the full scale OO PHP & MySQL version, namely:

  • Secure registration and login
  • Multi-project creation, modification and deletion
  • Document management & workflow
  • eMail integration
  • Multi-layer contacts management
  • Calendar integrated Actions creation, modification and completion
  • Drawings management
  • Pictures & Videos management
  • SMS integration with logged messaging
  • Inter-project users live chat capability
  • Alerts management - track whats happening on the project
  • Comprehensive audit trail
  • 3D in the browser architecture model viewing including wireframes and fly-through's

Mobile App Development

App design.  Tabbed interface.  Graphical UI/UX.  Programming & logic.

Commissioned by experts in the field of vehicle technical training to provide a mobile app for to help First Responders understand the special requirements of Hybrid/Electric vehicles when dealing with emergency situations. The Pro-Assist Hybrid App delivers First Responders, Rescuers, Recoverers, Repairers & Re-Cyclers the information they need to understanding the special requirements of Hybrid & Electric Vehicles when dealing with services requests and emergency situations. The app delivers:

  • A catalogue of every Hybrid Electric Vehicle on sale in the UK
  • Information for first responders to an accident scene on the vehicles:
    • High voltage wiring schematics;
    • Identifiers;
    • Schematics;
    • Safe cutting zones;
    • Towing instructions;
    • Jump starting;
    • Parking brake & locking systems;
    • Jacking points;
    • Manufacturers own rescue guide

Cloud Storage

Storage-as-a-Service.  File encryption.  Web application.  Programming & logic.

SaaSifyVault is a highly secure, highly resilient Cloud Storage platform built on industry leading technologies. The application was built to deliver secure file sharing for innumerable use cases, for instance:

  • where a consumer needs to share large quantities of data;
  • when colleagues need to share large project files;
  • when business partnerships for for a short term and files need sharing externally to the organisation;
  • for consumers wishing to store thousands of photos for long periods of time.
By securely sharing files they can cut down on email space utilization and speed up the process. The application provides for:
  • Captcha on the registration;
  • Thousands of folders & sub-folders;
  • Instant movement of folders to new residency;
  • File encryption and decryption;
  • eMail notification of new shares;
  • Multi-platform availble through web interface;
  • Storage usage statistics; &
  • Storage limit setting.

Responsive Web Design

Web design.  Responsiveness.  Graphical UI/UX.  Programming & logic.

Each of the other projects incorporate responsive design being built from the outset with a "mobile first" philosophy. Early applications incorporate the use of Javascript & Jquery objects to track widths and heights and a proportionate self-built rudimentary grid system for sizing. Later examples, like this site, employ Bootstrap as the default technology to achieve responsiveness. Beyond browser responsive with HTML & CSS, I have used many widgets enabling user interaction using Jquery UI and local processing, for instance:

  • CSS animations;
  • Drop downs & date pickers;
  • Sliders, pane sliders & carousels;
  • Dynamic charts with D3.js & Chart.js;
  • Accordions and parallax scrolling; &
  • many more.

Cost Modeling

Cloud costs calculation.  Business case creation.  Web application.  Programming & logic.

Focusing less on the front end style in favor of a core focus on the back end engineering, this application delivers CIOs, IT managers and Cloud providers a means to determine their precise costs per VM, per TB or per Mbps. From this they can begin to build scenarios to identify the gross margin impacts of adding additional external certifications or increasing staff compensation on their Cloud or IT service unit costs. The tool itself includes:

  • Foreign exchange rates;
  • Service credit costs;
  • Risk and compliance costs;
  • Inflation factors;
  • All areas of direct costs, including;
    • Hardware;
    • Software;
    • Labor; &
    • Facilities
  • All areas of indirect costs, including;
    • Product development;
    • Marketing;
    • Channel costs;
    • Sales costs; &
    • Contractual obligations

YouTube Videos

Using IBM SoftLayer.  Devops on SoftLayer.  Systems Engineering.  Technical information.

The creation of a suite of video tutorials on how to work with IBM's SoftLayer Cloud. The videos take new end users of the SoftLayer platform from complete novice through to more advanced techniques highlighting the tools of devops as part of the journey, including Apache, GNS3, VirtualBox, etc. Specifically the videos include tutorials on:

  • Registering for SoftLayer;
  • The Customer Portal;
  • Introducing Object Storage;
  • VNC on SoftLayer;
  • Docker on SoftLayer;
  • Node.js in Docker;
  • Using the SoftLayer API;
  • Learning VyOS & Vyatta;
  • VyO with OSPF on GNS3