Eamonn Killian

Cloud Designer.  Devops.  Systems Engineer.  Technical Executive.

I am a highly motivated, energetic, passionate and professional polymath with a proven track record in Cloud strategy, infrastructure strategy, infrastructure design, infrastructure implementation (mainly Linux & Solaris, but comfortable with Windows), operational services design, costing & pricing, contract negotiation, business transformation, change management and delivery at the most senior levels, both within my current employer and on behalf of Clients. I maintain high personal integrity and credibility providing IT, Cloud & infrastructure strategy advice to Senior Leadership Teams (SLT)/Client Board members, discharging accountability to policy owners and leading from the front on the implementation work by motivating and empowering my colleagues. I have worked on over 250 projects in many of the worlds’ largest institutions across industries such as FSS, Pharmaceutical, Bio-Life Sciences, Advertising, Education and Public Sector.

I am a persuasive and influential networker, seeking to build and maintain effective relationships with internal/external stakeholders, business partners and the IT community as a whole. I am dedicated to the successful completion/delivery of programmes to the highest level of quality with in depth experience at a senior level within the corporate organization and within other large complex Client organizations both public and private sector, built from a base background in Commercial Banking and the Financial Markets.

Business Skills

Cloud Services
Contract Negotiation
Marketing, GTM & RTM
Channel Strategy
Programme Mgmt & Execution

Technical Skills

Operating Systems
Web Development
App Development
Understood = Conceptual understanding of the technical use case for the specific component, how and where it fits within an architecture and when it should be deployed;
Acquired = Involvement in the exploitation of the language or technology within a solution as part of a team without directly using or interfacing it;
Applied = A thorough working knowledge of implementation, configuration and use of the technology. In programming, actual coding;
Mastered = Knowledge in detail of the business or technology. Sufficient to perform as an escalation point for other team members, providing training, assistance and workarounds.


Year Award University Dissertation
2001 Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA) Aston Business School “The Electronic Negotiable Instrument: A hyper-liquidity mechanism for the Global Money Markets”
2011 Masters Degree in European Commercial Law (LLM) University of Leicester “The Global Financial Crisis: A modern day excuse for the anschluss of financial regulation and supervision by the European politocracy?”


Global ITS Sales "Bell Award"
2008 UK&I National Excellence Award
Global ITS Sales "Bell Award"
Global ITS "Celebrate Success" Award
UK&I Sales Eminence Award
IBM Hundred Percent Club

Professional Experience

2012 - Present IBM SoftLayer - Systems Engineer

With the purchase of SoftLayer and the transformation of IBM to an annuity or ‘as-a-service’ business an opportunity arose to return to a pure technical role as the leading designer and implementer of SoftLayer for IBM’s Tier 1 clients in the UK&I.

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The role itself encompasses all aspects of the sales cycle from inception and development (presenting on Cloud, Cloud as a business enabler, Cloud for cost reduction and operational efficiency, building scale and Devops environment) through to architectural design and actual physical/virtual implementation. The following are some of the key projects during this period.

Cloud GRID for Investment Bank

The design and architecture of a GRID computing capability for an international investment bank to enable value at risk (VAR) calculations and testing of new ‘quant’ models:

  • Automated and orchestrated instantiation of 10,000+ cores ‘on-demand’;
  • Slave integration as part of an on-site Platform Computing implementation;
  • Direct link with cross-connect to provide native 1Gbps connectivity; &
  • Authentication & security integration to the highest levels.

Global Cloud Infrastructure for Digital Media

A global implementation of five distinct segregated environments (Dev, Test, UAT, Pre-production and Production) for a renowned digital media agency. The solution provides for global redundancy across geographic locales leveraging SoftLayer private un-metered networking:

  • Infrastructure & architectural design;
  • Fine-grained design workshop facilitation;
  • Solution bill of materials and costings; &
  • Actual implementation to the design of all elements from Fortigate through to Vmware on Bare Metal servers.

Cloud Payment Processing Platform for Financial Services

The introduction one of the world’s foremost payment processors of the notion of using Cloud as their next generation platform. From the outset of describing to COO/CIO how Cloud could transform their business model/approach to the specific formulation of the architecture to PCI/DSS standards using SoftLayer:

  • Presenting on Cloud at Board Level – why? how? where? The transformation;
  • Working with PCI-DSS security specialists to design a new Cloud platform;
  • Choosing the building blocks (Linux, Windows, Checkpoint, Fortigate, HSM, etc.); &
  • Finalising the architecture and packaging the cost/price.

Cloud Production Cluster for Online Content Provider

The design and build of a fully ‘born-in-the-Cloud’ solution for a well known retailer to deliver their business an online presence in content delivery (eBooks/Video-on-Demand) including:

  • Corosync Linux cluster with Pacemaker bare metal design;
  • Asynchronous/synchronous secure mirroring with DRBD & dm-crypt;
  • Investigation and testing of OpenFlow and OpenvSwitch for SDN; &
  • Final production implementation of a synchronous auto-failover London<->Paris cluster.

2011 - 2012 IBM Server Technology Group - Puresystems Commercial Manager

Following several years of successes within IBM Global Services an appointment as the Commercial Manager of the new Puresystems brand within the hardware organization of IBM was proffered. This dynamic role within IBM’s hardware division required the creation of an entire Brand organization from the grass roots upwards.

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The instigation of a new Brand specifically required the augmentation of existing IBM back and front office processes, including accounting mechanisms (i.e. general ledger) through sign-off delegation mechanisms, sales fulfilment, programming sales configurators to CRM coding and channel enablement. My role as Commercial Manager specifically required active leadership and fine-grained involvement, initially in the development of and subsequently the execution of, a structured multi-streamed Programme Plan to establish a new end-to-end sales/channel process. At a more granular level of detail the role required the:

  • Re-qualification/Qualification of channel participants;
  • Imposition of new certifications;
  • Development of centres of excellence;
  • Modernisation of the framework for service, support & maintenance including the issuance of bespoke ITTs, RFIs, RFPs, and/or RFQs for specific delivery components;
  • Financial and non-financial evaluation of responses, shortlisting and negotiations with prospective suppliers;
  • Cost optimisation of supply chain participants across key dimensions (locale, capacity, capability, fulfilment and logistics);
  • Scheduling a waterfall of readiness "gates"; &
  • Day-to-day operational and P&L management.

2004 - 2010 IBM Global Services (ITS & SO) - Client Services Executive

Appointed as an ITS Client Services Executive with the following remits:

  • Re-balancing the revenue/profit from the Services portfolio by increasing the win-ratio of services, managed services and sourcing agreements;

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  • Leading the development and productization of new innovative technology based Services, such as, Managed Mobility Services (MMS), private or public multi-tenant Smart Business Desktop Cloud (SBDC), and ‘Cloudbase’ an end-to-end cloud services based managed service; &
  • Leading and supporting the transformation of supply-side inputs into the IS Services Portfolio, to define a new target operating model, dramatically reduce delivery cost, streamline delivery processes, increase Client responsiveness and re-align the resource/skills matrix.

Specifically this role required the realignment of IBM’s broad IS Services Portfolio to meet the global policy objectives of increased cost effectiveness, enhanced productivity, and streamlined cross-organizational efficiency. Realizing these policy goals within a complex multi-faceted organization necessitated both direct management and indirect influencing of local and virtual teams to obtain the requisite ‘buy-in’ across multiple peer groups to develop and implement an operationally effective plan. The scale of the initiative required a ‘Russian-Doll’ approach with multiple strategic workstreams formed across Contracts, Communications, Resources, Finances, Processes and Quality, each with distinct measurable milestones, time lines and objectives.

  • Leading complex negotiations for net new IS Services business to realise IBM’s financial targets, reduce risk and increase customer satisfaction, coupled with the re-negotiation of back catalogue under-performing desktop related deals to personally highlight a new ‘modus operandi’, rejuvenating processes to engender broader transparency and coherency in conjunction, and introducing the re-vamped protocols necessary for inter-departmental cooperation on the basis of mutuality;
  • Developing Cloud Services contracts and approaches including supplier due diligence, contractual terms analysis, counterparty risk evaluations, data location/security issues, architectural interoperability, exit strategy planning, audit, compliance and programme time line planning;
  • Evangelising the new Service Products and propelling adoption through a unified communications plan, public speaking, product launches and stakeholder engagement to drive net new successful business results (Success exemplified by winning a 2006 & 2010 Global “Bell Award” for Innovation);
  • Modernisation of the framework for service, support & maintenance including the issuance of bespoke ITTs, RFIs, RFPs, and/or RFQs for specific delivery components;
  • Financial and non-financial evaluation of responses, shortlisting and negotiations with prospective suppliers;
  • Cost optimisation of supply chain participants across key dimensions (locale, capacity, capability, fulfilment and logistics);
  • Scheduling a waterfall of readiness "gates"; &
  • Day-to-day operational and P&L management.

Key Projects/Deal (ascending date order)

  • 2005 Global Financial Services: IT Outsource;
  • 2006 Global Electronics Manufacturer: IT Outsource;
  • 2007 Global Pharmaceutical Company: Windows XP Migration;
  • 2008 UK Logistics Organization: Mobile ePOD Managed Service;
  • 2009 UK Retailer: Mobile Managed Services;
  • 2010 Global Gas Supplier: Cloud / IT Outsource;
2001 - 2003 IBM Global Business Services - Senior Consultant

I joined IBM in January of 2001 coming in on a pure technical role as a technology leader in the GBS area specifically assigned to Investment Banking but quickly was utilised on cross-industry projects. Having most recently come from ‘bleeding edge’ Linux/Solaris/Unix implementations my skills were immediately utilised to help IBM teams design new architectures for many companies, including:

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  • Design a new web based electronic billing and bill presentment system to integrate with an existing payment processing engine for a large telecommunications company. This included formulating a strategy for the new eChannel, developing its content and providing API integration to/from the extant billing engines over a service bus;
  • Design and build a new remote desktop solution for an international investment bank to increase security and standardisation. Designed with Citrix this solution was rolled out to over 10,000 desktops as a new standard for end user computing. This project included all aspects of technical planning and implementation as well as the initial business case justification and presentation to their European Board;
  • The design and implementation of a new Global Risk Management platform for an international investment bank. Based on Infinity with associated transactional monitoring engines this solution became the blueprint for IBM’s risk governance approach;
  • Other projects in this period included:
    • Data centre evaluation of capability and strategy for another investment bank;
    • Basel II readiness assessment project;
    • Retail bank: Server consolidation and the introduction of large scale virtualization for both compute and storage; &
    • The build of a core-to-edge fabric SAN for a large financial institution
1998 - 2000 Citigroup - Infrastructure Solutions Specialist

Leading a Strategic Infrastructure Architecture task force appointed within the Global Derivatives Business with the remit to formulate a next generation derivatives infrastructure platform, encompassing business case formulation, initial design, pilot and the implementation of a broad spectrum of infrastructure solutions including everything from XP migration planning to global data centre consolidation and optimisation. Working with highly experience network and systems professionals on (at the time) a leading edge DWDM network design enabling dual live production services and asynchronous geo-distributed mirroring capabilities providing near real-time business continuity.

1995 - 1998 IBM Global Services (Contractor) - Dealing Room Implementation Programme Leader

Leading the implementation of “concrete to commerce”, a new front office dealing room with back office risk management and reconciliation systems in Stuttgart. The remit was to pull together the diverse strands of the programme to formulate an end-to-end strategy, identifying the ‘workstreams’, ‘gates’ and ‘milestones’, driving the SME resource allocations/hires, streamlining the application integration aspects (testing/UAT) and verifying the commissioned delivery within tight timescales and budget.

1988 - 1994 Systems Administration, IT Architect, IT Specialist

During this formative career period, engagements both contract and full time based with:

  • Sun Microsystems - Web Infrastructure Implementation;
  • Merrill Lynch – Business Continuity and new Dealing Room implementation in London;
  • Nomura – New dealing room technology implementation (TIB/SunOS rollout) and support;
  • Abbey National Treasury Services – IT Manager (SunOS, Solaris)
  • Bank of Tokyo Capital Markets – Systems Manager (Vax/VMS & IBM Systems38)
  • ABN Amro – Computer Systems Operator (Vax/VMS)

Recent Programming

Collaboration Suite

A comprehensive application including email, document management, calendar, todo's, image management and in-browser 3D model viewing. Built to be entirely responsive using HTML5, Javascript, Jquery, CSS3 and Three.js.

Mobile Application

The end-to-end design, development and delivery of a tabbed iPhone/iPad application to help Rescuers, Recoverers and Recyclers of Hybrid Electric Vehicles. Built with Appcelerator's Titanium.

Responsive Design

The transformation of business requirements into a clean flat UI/UX design concept including mood boards, wire-framing and design realization. Built using HTML5, CSS3, Jquery, Animate.css and Bootstrap.

Cloud Storage

The development of an online Cloud storage platform delivering registration (including Captcha), secure sign on, multi-user, multi-folder and file encryption. Developed in HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Jquery, Ajax, PHP (with mcrypt, SHA, & AES) and MySQL.

Cost Modeling & Estimating

The formulation of an online application to aid Managed Services Providers (MSPs) and Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) to understand their total cost of delivery. Developed in HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Jquery, Ajax, PHP, MySQL and Chart.js.

Video Tutorials

The recording and deployment on YouTube of a series of video tutorials on how to get started using IBM's SoftLayer cloud service. Covering all aspects of use from registration to machine creation to NAS and API programming.